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Maitra: Basic Composition 100R: Making Connections Simply put, a “connection” is a link or relation between two ideas, terms or concepts that helps us analyze one in terms of the other. In an important sense, analytic thinking is all about making connections. For instance, both Gopnik and Hitt are talking about how we use our imagination to create stories about the things, events and people in our lives. The three-year old Olivia fabricates an imaginary friend and then spends her time making up stories about his life, and using him to make up stories about her life. In Hitt’s essay, “paleontologists young and old” take a few objects from a distant past and imagine whole worlds around them. (133) Taken together, both Gopnik and Hitt are both exploring how we use our imagination to make up stories which help us to understand and make sense of the world in which we live. So reality supplies raw material for our stories, which then help us see that reality in a different light. Thus, Charlie Ravioli allows Gopnik to see
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