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Name __________________________________________________ Section Number _______ Chemistry 160 Exam II 1 C160SampleE2 Form 1 Signature __________________________________________________ Circle Lecture Section: AM (sec 01) PM (sec 12) First Two Letters of Last Name Print your name and section number on the next page of this booklet. This exam has 20 questions for credit (5 points each) and one additional question to check the color of your exam booklet. There is no penalty for guessing. You will be given 80 minutes to complete the exam; your answers must be transferred to the OpScan form within this time limit. Only answers on the OpScan form will count. The use of cell phones, PDA’s, pagers, and other electronic devices is forbidden, even for use as a calculator or a watch. Books, notes, and backpacks should be placed out of sight during the exam. You may NOT use your own scratch paper. One blank page for calculations, POSSIBLY USEFUL INFORMATION, and a periodic table are given at the end of the exam. The use of any other notes or information on this test will be considered a violation of the Academic Honesty provisions of the student code. During the exam, a proctor will check your picture ID, OpScan form, signature and calculator and collect the cover page of this exam booklet and your seat pass if you have one, and have you fill out a sign-in sheet. When you are finished, hand in your OpScan form; you may be asked to hand in your entire exam booklet (which will be returned later). Grades will be posted as soon as they are available. On the OpScan Form: (Use a Number 2 Pencil or Darker) 1. SIGN your name across the TOP of the form. 2. Code only the following information: [ blacken circles] a. Your NAME: LAST NAME BLANK SPACE FIRST NAME b. Under BIRTHDATE, bubble Apr. in “MO.”, ---- in “DAY”, 60 in “YR”. c. Your STUDENT NUMBER ( not your social security number) [Start under Box A and continue through Box I ] d. Your LECTURE SECTION NUMBER (Boxes K & L ) [Sections 01-09, code a 0 under box K ] e. Your EXAM FORM NUMBER (Box P ) Please input all above information before the time is called. Once the time is called, no more writing is allowed. Your EXAM FORM NUMBER is 1
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Name __________________________________________________ Section Number _______ 2 C160SampleE2 Form 1 1 What is the solubility of PbF 2 (s) in a 0.450 M Pb(NO 3 ) 2 (aq) solution? (K sp for PbF 2 = 3.6 x 10 -8 ) A. 4.5 x 10 -5 mol/L B. 7.5 x 10 -5 mol/L C. 2.1 x 10
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Chem+160+Exam+2+Sample - Name Section Number Chemistry 160...

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