Amba advanced microcontroller bus architecture an

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Unformatted text preview: n important component of an associative cache or TLB. CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer, a term created at the same time as RISC to describe earlier architectures that do not have the characteristics of RISCs. Typically a CISC has a variable instruction length minicomputer style instruction set with many addressing modes, memory-to-memory operations and support for many data types. CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, the predominant technology used for modern integrated circuits, CMOS combines NMOS and PMOS field-effect transistors on the same chip. This gives the technology active signal drive in both directions, hence fast switching, and near zero power dissipation when it is not switching. Codec Coder-decoder; an electronic system that converts an input (for example an analogue speech signal) into a digitally encoded form and can also reverse this conversion. The same term can also be used for a compressor-decompressor. CPI Cycles Per Instruction; a measure of processor efficiency based on the number of clock cycles divided by the number of instructions in a typical code sequence. CPSR Current Program Status Register; an ARM register which contains the condition code bits, interrupt disable flags and processor operating mode bits. CPU The Central Processing Unit; a term used somewhat imprecisely to refer to the processor in a computer. It might be just the integer core, or it might include the on-chip MMU and cache, and possibly the main memory as well. In this book its use is restricted to those processor cores that include cache memory, and it is used to describe the system comprising the processor, cache and MMU (if present). DAC Digital-to-Analogue Converter; an electronic circuit that converts a digital signal, usually presented in binary form on n wires, into an analogue signal presented as one of 2" values on a single wire. DECT Digital European Cordless Telephone; a European standard for cordless telephones where speech is transferred in digital form between the handset and a lo...
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