Cpu the central processing unit a term used somewhat

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Unformatted text preview: FPA 10 implements a subset of the ARM floating-point instruction set in hardware, and requires the FPASC to handle the remaining instructions. FPE Floating-Point Emulator; the software which is run in an ARM system which does not include an FPA 10 floating-point accelerator to support the ARM floating-point instruction set. Glossary 407 FPGA Field-Programmable Gate Array; a general-purpose logic chip which has a large number of gates whose connectivity is defined by the state of one-time programmable on-chip components such as anti-fuses. (See also EPLD, which is a reprogrammable device.) FPSR Floating-Point Status Register, a user-visible register in the ARM floating-point architecture which controls various options and indicates error conditions. FPU Floating-Point Unit; the component in a processor that carries out the floating-point operations. FSM Finite State Machine; a sequential digital circuit that has an internal state and whose outputs and next state are combinatorial logic functions of its inputs and current state. GSM Global System for Mobile communications; a digital standard for mobile telephony used throughout Europe and Asia and in other world regions. 1C Integrated Circuit; a semiconductor device where several (up to several million) transistors have been printed during the same manufacturing process. An 1C is sometimes referred to as a 'chip'. IDE Integrated Drive Electronics; an interface for a hard disk drive where all the intelligence is in the drive electronics and the host computer interface comprises a data bus and a few address lines. IEE The Institution of Electrical Engineers; the UK professional association for electronics (and electrical) engineers. The IEE sponsors colloquia and publishes journals in the computing area. IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.; the American professional association for electronics and electrical engineers. Membership is not restricted to US nationals, and the IEEE is very active in sponsoring international conferences...
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