If the code is to be fully optimized then the

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Unformatted text preview: is not met. It is sometimes possible to write very compact code by cunning use of conditionals, for example: ; if ((a==b) && (c==d)) e++; CMP r0, r1 CMPEQ r2, r3 ADDEQ r4, r4, #1 Note how if the first comparison finds unequal operands the second is skipped, causing the increment to be skipped also. The logical 'and' in the if clause is implemented by making the second comparison conditional. 66 ARM Assembly Language Programming Branch and link instructions A common requirement in a program is to be able to branch to a subroutine in a way which makes it possible to resume the original code sequence when the subroutine has completed. This requires that a record is kept of the value of the program counter just before the branch is taken. ARM offers this functionality through the branch and link instruction which, as well as performing a branch in exactly the same way as the branch instruction, also saves the address of the instruction following the branch in the link register, r14: Note that since the return address is held in a register, the subroutine should not call a further, nested, subroutine without first saving r14, otherwise the new return address will overwrite the old one and it will not be possible to find the way back to the original caller. The normal mechanism used here is to push r14 onto a stack in memory. Since the subroutine will often also require some work registers, the old values in these registers can be saved at the same time using a store multiple instruction: BL SUB1 r13!, {r0-r2,r14} BL SUB1 STMFD SUB2 save work & link regs SUB2 A subroutine that does not call another subroutine (a leaf subroutine) need not save r14 since it will not be overwritten. Subroutine return instructions To get back to the calling routine, the value saved by the branch and link instruction in r14 must be copied back into the program counter. In the simplest case of a leaf subroutine (a subroutine that does not call another subroutine) a MOV instruction suffices, explo...
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