Risc reduced instruction set computer a processor

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Unformatted text preview: uage for describing hardware at a behavioural or structural level which is supported by most semiconductor design tool companies. VLSI Very Large Scale Integration; the process of putting a lot of transistors onto a single chip. There was an attempt to categorize chip transistor counts as SSI, MSI, LSI (Small, Medium and Large Scale Integration), VLSI, and so on, on the basis of orders of magnitude, but process technology advanced faster than new terms could be coined. The next term, ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration) never gained widespread use, and would probably now be obsolete anyway. VLSI Technology, Inc. VLSI Technology, Inc., sometimes abbreviated to just VLSI, manufactured the first ARM chips designed at Acorn Computers and, with Acorn and Apple, established ARM Limited as a separate company in 1990. VLSI was the first ARM semiconductor partner and manufactures a range of ARM-based CPUs and system chips. It is now owned by Philips Semiconductors. VM Virtual Memory; the address space that the program runs in which is mapped to physical memory by the MMU. The virtual space may be larger than the physical space, and parts of the virtual space may be paged out onto a hard disk or may not exist anywhere. VRAM Video Random Access Memory; a form of DRAM with on-chip shift registers to give high-bandwidth access to sequential data for generating video displays. Index abort recovery 331-2 abort timing 146 absolute addressing 17 abstraction 3-7, 152 access permissions 305-8 accessing operands 168-9 accessing state 235-6 accumulator (ACC) register 7 Acorn Computers 36, 348 activity factors (of a logic gate) 30 adder design 87-92 carry arbitration 91--2 carry look-ahead 88, 89 carry-save 94 carry-select 88-9, 90 ripple-carry 88 addition/subtraction 51,243^,400-1 address incrementer 214-16 address non-determinism 378 address space model 180-1 address translation 303 addressing auto-indexing 58 base plus index 17 base plus offset 17,58-9 base plus scaled index 17 block copy 61-3 excep...
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