Sequential circuits figure a4 an r s flip flop

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Unformatted text preview: D gate will remove the entire high-going clock pulse provided the enable input is low before the clock goes high and stays low until the clock has gone low again. (These are the set-up and hold conditions for the enable input.) If the enable is, itself, produced from a similar register running off the same clock, it will meet these constraints. The register circuit is shown in Figure A.7. Figure A.7 A register with a clock enable control signal. Glossary ACM Association for Computing Machinery; the American association for computing professionals. Acorn Computers Limited The UK company where the ARM processor was developed between 1983 and 1985. Acorn also developed the BBC microcomputer, which established the wide spread educational use of computers in the UK, and the Archimedes range of ARM-based computers which followed the BBC micro into the schools market. ADC Analogue to Digital Converter, an electronic circuit that takes an input which may vary continuously within a specified range and converts it into an /z-bit binary number that approximates the input to one of 2" discrete values within that range. ALL) Arithmetic-Logic Unit; the component in a processor that performs the arithmetic (addition, subtraction, and sometimes including multiplication and division) and logic (shift, bit-wise AND, and so on) operations. AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture; an open standard for an on-chip bus which connects the various modules used to build a complex embedded system chip. AMULET Asynchronous Microprocessor Using Low-Energy Technology; this term is used to describe the prototype asynchronous implementations of the ARM architecture developed at the University of Manchester. ANSI American National Standards Institute; the American standards body that has defined many useful conventions which are widely used in computing, for example ASCII and ANSI standard C. APCS ARM Procedure Call Standard; a calling convention defined by ARM Limited to allow procedures generated by different compilers (or written in assembly language) to call each other. ARM Formerly Advanced RISC...
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