The arm project manager is a graphical front end for

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Unformatted text preview: ons which may be chosen for the build, such as: Whether the output should be optimized for code size or execution time. Whether the output should be in debug or release form. (Code compiled for source-level debugging cannot be fully optimized since the mapping from the source to fully optimized output is too obscure for debugging purposes.) Which ARM processor is the target (and, particularly, whether it supports the Thumb instruction set). The CD-ROM also contains versions of the tools that run on a Sun or HP UNIX host, where a command-line interface is used. All versions have on-line help available. JumpStart The JumpStart tools from VLSI Technology, Inc., include the same basic set of development tools but present a full X-windows interface on a suitable workstation rather than the command-line interface of the standard ARM toolkit. There are many other suppliers of tools that support ARM development. 2.5 Example and exercises Describe the principal features of the ARM architecture. The main features of the ARM architecture are: a large set of registers, all of which can be used for most purposes; a load-store architecture; 3-address instructions (that is, the two source operand registers and the result reg ister are all independently specified); conditional execution of every instruction; the inclusion of very powerful load and store multiple register instructions; the ability to perform a general shift operation and a general ALU operation in a single instruction that executes in a single clock cycle; open instruction set extension through the coprocessor instruction set, including adding new registers and data types to the programmer's model. Example 2.1 48 The ARM Architecture If the Thumb instruction set is considered part of the ARM architecture, we could also add: a very dense 16-bit compressed representation of the instruction set in the Thumb architecture. Exercise 2.1.1 Exercise 2.1.2 Exercise 2.1.3 Which features does ARM have in common with many other RISC architectures? Which features of the ARM architecture are not shared by most other RISCs? Which features of most other RISC architectures are not shared by the ARM? ARM Assembly Langu...
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