These cells may be reprogrammed to change the logic

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Unformatted text preview: and publishing journals in the computing area, often in collaboration with the/4CM. I2C Inter-IC; a serial bus standard used to connect /Cs together on a printed circuit board. It is particularly useful for connecting small CMOS RAMs and RTC chips that are powered up even when the rest of the system is switched off. I/O Input/Output; the activity of transferring data between the computer and its environment through a peripheral device. IrDA Infra-red Data Association; an organization established to standardize infra-red communication protocols across the industry, the acronym is frequently applied to a system interface that complies with the resulting standards. ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network; an international standard for digital telephony where speech is sent as a 64 Kbit/s data stream. The standard also defines control protocols. JTAG Joint Test Action Group; the committee which defined the test standard based on a serial interface which is used on many ARM chips. LCD. Liquid Crystal Display; the display technology favoured for most portable applications such as lap-top computers and PDAs due to its low weight and power consumption. LRU Least-Recently Used; this term describes an algorithm for choosing which value in an associative cache or TLB to evict in order to make room for a new value. MFLOPS Millions of Floating-Point Operations Per Second; a measure of the performance of a computer when executing floating-point operations. MIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second; a measure of the rate at which a processor can execute its own instructions. Since different instruction sets have different semantic content per instruction, comparing two processors on the basis of their native MIPS rating is meaningless. Benchmark programs attempt to provide a basis for valid comparison, and 'Dhrystone MIPS' is a normalized rating that is (arguably) more valid. MMU Memory Management Unit; the part of the processor that translates the virtual address into the physical address, using page tables in memory. It includes the ta...
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