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Unformatted text preview: ok we will assume a little-endian ordering, where bytes of increasing significance are stored at increasing addresses in memory. ARM may be neutral, but I am not! Privileged modes Most programs operate in user mode as described in Chapter 3. However, ARM has other privileged operating modes which are used to handle exceptions and supervisor calls (which are sometimes called software interrupts). The current operating mode is defined by the bottom five bits of the CPSR (see Figure 2.2 on page 40). The interpretation of these bits is summarized in Table 5.1 on page 108. Where the register set is not the user registers, the relevant shaded registers shown in Figure 2.1 on page 39 replace the corresponding user registers and the current SPSR (Saved Program Status Register; see below) also becomes accessible. Some ARM processors do not support all of the above operating modes, and some also support '26-bit' modes for backwards compatibility with older ARMs; these will be discussed further in Section 5.23 on page 147. The privileged modes can only be entered through controlled mechanisms; with suitable memory protection they allow a fully protected operating system to be built. This issue will be discussed further in Chapter 11. Most ARMs are used in embedded systems where such protection is inappropriate, but the privileged modes can still be used to give a weaker level of protection that is useful for trapping errant software. 108 The ARM Instruction Set Table 5.1 ARM operating modes and register usage. The SPSRs Each privileged mode (except system mode) has associated with it a Saved Program Status Register, or SPSR. This register is used to save the state of the CPSR (Current Program Status Register) when the privileged mode is entered in order that the user state can be fully restored when the user process is resumed. Often the SPSR may be untouched from the time the privileged mode is entered to the time it is used to restore the CPSR, but if the privileged software...
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