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The Economic Power of Obama - urgently needs to create more...

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Bartholomew Booth POL261.6 7/19/2010 “ The Economic Power of Obama’s Pen” Op-Ed Response Christopher Edley, Jr. of Boston Massachusetts is a professor of Law and Dean of the University of California at Berkley School of Law. Edley in 1978 graduated from Harvard University School of law with a joint degree and a Masters in Public Policy from the JFK School of Government. He has held Whitehouse policy positions For both the Carter and Clinton administrations. For many years aside his career Edley has penned Newspaper editorials, haven written for the Washington Post. Edley like most other Americans is aware and recognizes the effects of the economic downturn. Reiterating the overwhelming growth in the unemployment rate, he suggests that the president using the power of Federal Contracting could create positive effects on the economy and improve job standards. He understands that political feuds are a waste of valuable time under present conditions of the economy stating, “ Washington plays the partisan fiddle, as the nation
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Unformatted text preview: urgently needs to create more jobs .” Although he is building an argument, Edley seems to be creating a suggestion; seeking positive, influential measures. He suggests that administration can create an executive order to encourage federal contractors to provide employees with better benefits and a living wage. An argument is created when he mentions a study done by a 2004 Labor Department, “… 20,347 cases of of employers with federal contracts failing to pay their workers even the minimum wages and benefits required under their contracts.” Edley’s editorial has brought awareness to the power of Federal Contracting. I agree that administration should be seeking every option to stimulate the economy. Realistically this Bartholomew Booth POL261.6 7/19/2010 measure alone will not be effective enough to create the stability this situation needs; also ideas and statements are always easier said than done....
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The Economic Power of Obama - urgently needs to create more...

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