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Social Emotion Bartholomew Booth GBA 261 Social Emotion The word “Social” refers to something relating to society. “Emotion” is a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s mood, surroundings, and relation with others. Understanding that emotion is induced by the experience of events and surroundings; the term “Social Emotion” refers to incidents that impact on various levels of society. For instance, the 2008 United States Presidential Elections, which had an impact on a national, even global level. I remember as a child, when a friend of mine was asked what he wanted to be when he when he grew up, he
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would always say “The first black president of America”. When President Obama was elected in office, the first person I thought about was my friend. I thought of how he felt, how his mother felt after she had instilled in her son that anything was possible when I know she did not believe it. The shock and pure happiness that was evident that election day was not only felt by the African American population, but the American population as a whole. This was a very clear example of one type of social emotion. Perhaps ones one a personal, sometimes more intimate level, expression through social media outlets such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Social
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Social_Emotion Paper - Social Emotion Bartholomew Booth GBA...

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