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Change Paper Grading Rubric (Out of 15 points possible) Description of the problem and its causes/consequences o Define the focal problem of the change effort and describe its underlying causes and consequences (i.e., why was this a compelling issue?). It is often beneficial to gather some data to better understand the problem and its causes. (Out of 15 points possible) Description of the future state and key steps you took to get there o Describe your vision of the individual/organization following a successful change effort (i.e., the future state). What specific goals did you expect to accomplish related to this problem? For example, if you currently have turnover of 30%, you might have a goal of reducing it to 15%. Describe how you did or will measure improvement. o Describe what specific steps you, or others, took (or still need to take) to implement change. You might present a timeline outlining key project milestones and who did what when (e.g. responsibility charting).
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