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Introduction to the Group Service Learning Project Deliverables: Proposal Presentation; Proposal/Engagement Letter; Rough Draft; Project Paper and Copies of Slides; and Presentation A service learning project is any project that helps groups or organizations meet their needs. On average, each group member should spend 10-12 hours designing and carrying out the project (50-60 hours per group). After carrying out the project each group will complete an 8-10 page (double-spaced) paper, including the following (title page, signed engagement letter, and evaluation forms do not count in the page limit): 1. A professional, descriptive title page 2. The engagement letter signed by the client 3. Seven essential paper components (see details below) 4. An evaluation of the project by the client who was served by the project (use client evaluation form) Each group can develop their own project or choose from among the local community service agencies to perform the project. You may choose a non-profit or for profit, large or small organization. No political projects, please. Strive for a meaningful project that uses and expands your knowledge of business rather than a project that does not take advantage of your insight. An alternative project is to design a one-hour training program, including material and exercises, on a current topic in OB/OE/OD. If you decide to do a project for an agency, your project could involve helping the agency itself become more effective or helping those whom the agency serves. You will need to turn in either a 1-2 page proposal or a signed engagement letter outlining your project at the beginning of the semester (see class schedule). After meeting with the client representative to get more information and develop a project that would likely meet the client’s needs, the client representatives will review your proposal and decide if they would like you to do the project. It is important that you design the project in cooperation with the client, rather than developing the project without the client’s input or just providing manpower to a project the client has already designed. More communication and planning with the client on the front end of the project will help you avoid headaches on the back end of the project. The client is under no obligation to use your project so you should also have a “back-up” project in mind. Your team must develop the project with the client and not let the client design the project for you. Questions to Answer for the Service Learning Paper 1. Project purpose and goals : What were the overall purpose and specific goals of your group’s chosen project? To what extent were the purpose and goals clear and shared by all group members? What criteria did you use to judge whether or not you achieved your purpose and goals? 2.
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DeTienne-All Materials for Service Learning Project -...

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