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Hobart Shakespeareans You will be graded on the insight and application that you give in your answers based on the concepts that were taught in class and in the text. We expect you to have at least two answers or illustrations for each question. 1. Rafe (the teacher) is very passionate about Shakespeare and tries to pass this passion on to the students, using it as a microcosm for things he wants to teach them. What are some things he wants the students to learn? 2. Alan, the student who plays Hamlet, was a problem student before the program. As the project progresses, though, Alan gains self-confidence.
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss some changes that took place in the students’ behavior as they worked with Rafe. 3. Rafe is the leader over the class. List any quotes or actions that demonstrate his leadership style. 4. Is Rafe successful as a leader? Why or why not? Which of Rafe’s leadership attributes would you like to emulate? 5. At one point, Rafe has to reprimand three students. How did the communication affect the trust between persons involved in that communication episode? 6. What were the primary motivations of Rafe? What does he want for his students?...
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