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movie Observations-The Dark Knight

movie Observations-The Dark Knight - 3 During the scene...

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The DARK KNIGHT OBSERVATIONS You will be graded on the insight and application that you give in your answers based on the concepts that were taught in class and in the text. Please have at least two answers or illustrations for each question. Please type your responses. Submit a hard copy of your completed observations sheet at the beginning of class. 1. Batman and the Joker are very different. Using OB principles, explain motivational differences between the two characters. List quotes and actions that you believe really demonstrate this. 2. Describe any scenes that portray effective or ineffective communication. How did the communication affect the trust between persons involved in that communication episode?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. During the scene with the evacuated ships, people are forced to make a decision whether or not to “pull the trigger.” Relate this event to decision making using OB principles. 4. Harvey Dent undergoes a major change at the end of the film. List any quotes or actions that demonstrate his change in behavior, personality, or perception. 5. Alfred makes the final decision not to show Bruce Wayne the note from Rachel. Explain this behavior/decision and whether or not you would have done the same thing. 6. Please discuss one other OB insight you had from the film....
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