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Plant Tour Eval form Fall 11 - Was the report free from...

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Section #_________ Team # _________ PLANT TOUR PAPER EVALUATION Content (15 pts possible) Did the team provide an overview of the company? Was the scope of the analysis clear? Did the team address all the issues they should have addressed based on their scope? Did the team examine a significant operation within the organization? Were the sources used cited in the paper? Analysis and Flow Chart of a major aspect of the operation/supply chain (25 pts possible) How well did the team understand and present that portion of the company’s operation? Did the team identify and document strengths and weaknesses in terms of inventory control, quality, capacity, bottlenecks, processes used, etc.? Did the team provide suggestions for improvement? Report Quality (10 pts possible) Was the report logical and easy to read?
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Unformatted text preview: Was the report free from significant grammatical problems? Did the team adhere to the guidelines (5 single-spaced pages max (including the flow chart and citations), professional business report) Was the report creative in both analysis and presentation? PLANT TOUR PRESENTATION EVALUATION Content (10 pts possible) Did the team address the most important issues? Was the material presented relevant to the scope? Did the team make helpful observations and recommendations? Understanding and Analysis (10 pts possible) Did the team help the class understand the company’s operations? Did the team apply what we’ve learned in class to the process studied? Presentation Quality (5 pts possible) Was the presentation well organized, interesting, and creative?...
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