Wedding Case Fall 2011

Wedding Case Fall 2011 - The Wedding Case Father: Ugh! On...

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The Wedding Case On March 31 st of last year, Mary Jackson burst into the family living room and announced that she and Larry Adams (her college boyfriend) were going to be married. After recovering from the shock, her mother hugged her and asked, “When?” The following conversation resulted: Mary: April 22 Mother: What? Father: The Adams-Jackson wedding will be the social hit of the year. Why so soon? Mary: Because on April 22 nd the cherry blossoms on campus are always in full bloom! The wedding pictures will be beautiful. Mother: But honey, we can’t possibly finish all the things that need to be done by then. Remember all the details that were involved in you sister’s wedding? Even if we start tomorrow, it takes a day to reserve the church and the reception hall, and they need at least 17 days’ notice. That has to be done before we can start decorating the church, which takes three days. An extra $100 contribution on Sunday would probably cut that 17-day notice into 10 days, though. Father: Ugh! Mary: I want Jane summers to be my maid of honor. Father: But she’s in the Peace Corps, in Guatemala, isn’t she? It would take her 10 days to get ready and drive up here. Mary:
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Wedding Case Fall 2011 - The Wedding Case Father: Ugh! On...

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