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Case: Designing Toshiba’s Notebook Computer Line (pg. 93) Assignment: As a team, answer the following questions: 1. What is the daily capacity of the assembly line with the workstation assignments given in the case? a. Determine capacity based on the bottleneck workstation, assuming work-in-process computers are moved from one workstation to the next at the speed of the bottleneck. b. Hint – in workstation #9, the software load is performed on three different units at the same time so you need to divide that time (and only that time – the other tasks in workstation #9 do not change) by 3 when calculating the time it takes for that workstation to complete a unit. 2. When running at the daily capacity (as determined in #1), what is the efficiency of the line? Remember that you are operating the line at the speed of the bottleneck. a. Omit software load time when summing task times for the efficiency calculation as it does not require an operator. 3.
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