θ and ð word list

θ and ð word list - other breathe

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Voiceless “th” theme healthy fourth thief worthless month thigh wealthy mouth thumb mythology south thaw truthful north thump Gothic ninth thin monthly sixth thick birthday youth thought northwest moth thorn lengthy bath thunder nothingness breath theatre filthy death thimble pathway booth thank bathhouse earth think mothball birth theft faithful wrath throw mouthful teeth throne bathtub tenth thirsty bathrobe width third pithy length Practice these: 1. thick and thin 2. thorn and thistle 3. Theo and Thelma 4. thimble and thread 5. thigh and thumb 6. mouth and teeth 7. north and south 8. Edith and Ruth 9. fourth and fifth 10. length and width
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Voiced “th” then
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Unformatted text preview: other breathe there mother teethe them bother clothe those father bathe these brother seethe than another loathe that feather lathe therefore together smooth thine weather breathe they heather this leather the lather thy rather gather wither loathes clothes bathing mouths breathing seething teething wreaths Contrast these voiceless and voiced “th” sounds. 1. thin then 2. thick this 3. thigh thy 4. thumb them 5. three the 6. cloth clothe 7. bath bathe 8. truth truths 9. breath breathe 10. teeth teethe...
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θ and ð word list - other breathe

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