Chapter 13 Diphthongs

Chapter 13 Diphthongs - Diphthongs Diphthongs aɪ a ʊ ɔɪ...

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Unformatted text preview: Diphthongs Diphthongs aɪ a ʊ ɔɪ ju Diphthongs have onsets and offsets. Offglides move from a steady state vowel to a shorter vowel segment. Onglides move from a shorter segment to a steady state. aɪ a ʊ ɔɪ ju Three diphthongs move from a lower vowel to a higher one and are offglides. One moves from a front vowel to a back vowel and is an onglide. /aɪ/ /a An offglide Begins with /a/, a low front vowel and moves to /ɪ/, a high­front vowel. Most frequently occurring diphthong. The transition between the two vowels is important. icing icing might eyes bicycle stylish reply triumph align microphone Allophonic Variations Allophonic Variations /aɪə/ especially before /l/ ­examples: I’ll aisle Dialectal Variations Dialectal Variations SA: /a:/ lengthening /fa:r/ /ar/ reduction before /r/ /fɑr/ AAVE: /a/ diphthong reduction /tɑm/ Deviations Deviations No significant variations If present, usually diphthong reduction as in /ɑ/ becomes /aɪ/ /aʊ/ /a Begins with a low front vowel and goes to a high­back vowel. The transition between the two phonemes is important. out out shout mouth about shower chowder plow crowd tower Allophonic Variations Allophonic Variations None that are significant. Minimally noticeable. Dialectal Variations EA, SA: Virginia and SC lowcountry ­ex: “house” /hæəs/ /hoʊs/ Deviations Deviations Most commonly misarticulated of diphthongs Reduction of the diphthongs: ­examples: ɑ/aʊ æ/aʊ /ɔɪ/ Offglide Begins with mid back and goes to high front Least frequent sound in English oink oink oil soy choice foil annoyed loiter reconnoiter rejoice Allophonic Variations Allophonic Variations /aɪ/ “Let’s blow this joint.” Dialectal Variations SA, AAVE: /ɔɪ/ becomes /ɔə/ or /ɑ/ Deviations Deviations Diphthong reduction /ɔɪ/ becomes /o/ /ju/ /ju/ Onglide Moves from a shorter segment to a steady one Moves from high front to high back you you use union youth useful music ian amusing fuel futile ...
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