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History Exam I - Through page 135 for Exam I 50 question...

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Through page 135 for Exam I, 50 question History Ch. 1 4 phases of European influence with the world 2.) 1700 – 1820: trade rivalry [ mercantilism, revolutions occur over conflict; Am Rev., Haiti ] 3.) 1800’s: imperialism [ shift of focus to China, Japan, & Africa – the weaker ones after loss of control of America ] 4.) 1900’s – present: decolonization [ World War leads to independence-seekers ] Commercial Revolution [ The success of Spain in the 1800’s, rapid growth in technology & innovation, have enough riches to buy new things, other countries like England want to mimic this successful revolutionized Spain. 1500’s – Piracy from England wears down the Spanish navy, enough to allow England to have enough to est. its own colonies ] Enclosure Movement [ The poor in England live on the Elite pple.’s estates (tenants). Eventually, the elites kicked off the tenants & close of the property to let the animals roam more to provide wool. Now, the poor must return to cities to work, now angry – providing a context for revolution. (Want to reverse the roll), King & Queen in turn push for colonies in N. America to provide new opportunities for pple. To start over. ] Roanoke Island (1584), Est. by Walter Raleigh [ The Famous “Lost Colony”, started, then Raleigh returned after 1 year, people were gone – either starved or killed by Indians ] Jamestown (1607), Joint Stock Companies (Virginia Company) [2 groups of Investors would “pool” their private wealth, petition England for a charter (Virginia Company, and Plymouth Company – can both est. colonies in the New World). This protected the treasury in England b/c these are private so if it fails, the country doesn’t loose money, but if they are successful, the England would benefit the English empire. Joint stock companies have the idea of gold/riches, so Jamestown was originally settled with Jewelers, not farmers, initially most died. John Smith forces people to farm/hunt in Virginia; still doesn’t make profit, but at least starts keeping them alive for a chance. ] “Garden” view of world [ Going into the wilderness & producing something that’s good, like goods. ] John Rolfe – tobacco (1612) [ King initially hates the idea, but britts like it so it becomes this new perfect product from Virginia. Hard to get people to come to Virginia b/c of stories of them “getting beat” ] House of Burgesses [ giving pple. A voice in the way they are governed, ‘loosening up the system’ in the way they are governed. ] Headright System [ Each person who goes to Virginia gets 50 acres, including each
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member of a family. Also, you get a poor person from England who will get paid for 5-7 years, who can later est. his own farm – Indentured servants – voluntarily enslaved themselves ][ As Jamestown grows, crap/piss gets caught in estuary from James river to ocean, so pple. Get malaria and there is high mortality rate, so if you survive you can
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History Exam I - Through page 135 for Exam I 50 question...

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