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Adulthood and Comparisons--Blackboard

Adulthood and Comparisons--Blackboard - EMERGING MIDDLE AND...

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2/24/2010 1 EMERGING, MIDDLE, AND LATE ADULTHOOD Psychology of Women Adulthood: Making the Transition Is getting married still THE most important rite of passage for women? Is this just as important for men? Marriage and work psychological adjustment; parenthood greater stress Adulthood: Making the Transition Pregnancy/Childbirth 1960’s— avg. age 21; Now avg. age 24 Pressure to have children for women Mother mandate cultural belief that all women should have children
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2/24/2010 2 Middle Age/Midlife Transitions Between the ages 40-65 Biological changes Menopause often occurs Social changes Children leaving home ―Prime of Life‖ – alternative viewpoint Previously thought of as time of crisis; now time of growth, change, ―vibrancy‖ Middle Adulthood: Health Issues Health issues often become more prominent ―Women are sicker, men die quicker.‖ Women-Non-fatal diseases; Men-Fatal diseases Some rates have risen
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