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Lecture 11-Blackboard

Lecture 11-Blackboard - Announcements Exam grades were...

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2/17/2010 1 Announcements Exam grades were posted on Tuesday evening Class Average was a low “B” EMERGING, MIDDLE, AND LATE ADULTHOOD Psychology of Women October 1, 2009 Emerging Adulthood What age signifies adulthood? Distinct developing period occurring from late teens until mid- to late- 20’s (Arnett, 1998) What are some characteristics of being an adult? Does it vary by gender??? Emerging Adulthood
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2/17/2010 2 Adulthood Characteristics (Arnett, 1998) Marriage/ Children Decisions independent of parents Accept responsibility for consequences of actions* Financially independent Equal status w/parents Control of emotions Able to Keep family safe Use Contraception Reach age 18 (or 21) Emerging Adulthood “Later” path to adulthood than in years past College has “postponed” adulthood Ex: Living with parents (e.g., until financially able) Individuate yourself from parents Time of exploration and experimentation EX: Young Adult Women and Alcohol Use
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