Final Exam Study Guide--REVISED

Final Exam Study Guide--REVISED - 1 Final Exam Study Guide...

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1 Final Exam Study Guide Psychology of Women Spring 2010 Exam Format: As mentioned in the syllabus, there are 75 multiple choice questions 60 questions will be from chapters 9-14. Fifteen questions will be synthetic (including questions from Chapter 15 and course material previously discussed. The study guide is a DIRECT reflection of what will be on the final exam!! Exam questions will be organized by chapter (as reflected in the format below). The FINAL EXAM is Thursday, April 29 th at 9:00am. Education & Achievement; Women and Work 1. Title IX (e.g., what it is and what it did for women/girls) 2. Explanations for gender differences in teacher treatment 3. Gender differences in student-teacher interactions a. Observational Research b. Self-report Research 4. Teacher Beliefs and Student Performance 5. Illinois Valedictorian Project (know main points of study) 6. Factors that may Disadvantage women in Higher Education a. Environmental Factors b. Intra-personal Factors 7. Earnings Gap 8. Gender Differences in Salary Expectations 9. Explanations for Why Women Expect Lower Salaries Balancing Family and Work Explanations of the Division of Family Labor Time Constraints Relative Power Gender Attitudes Women’s Experiences Balancing Family and Work (Concerns, Costs, Benefits)
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Final Exam Study Guide--REVISED - 1 Final Exam Study Guide...

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