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H397Lecture1 - KNIGHTS TO MERCENARIES Warfare in the Middle...

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Unformatted text preview: KNIGHTS TO MERCENARIES Warfare in the Middle Ages (9["-141h centuries) — feudal [aristocratic military service] system - centrality of armoured. mounted knight - code on conduct Problems: -‘hosts’ rather than armies - heavy cavalry sometimes challenged by compact infantry (e. g. Scottish pikemen [13th century] or Swiss Pikemen [15‘h century]) and massed infantry missile weapons (English longbowmen [14-151h century] Changes/Evolution (15-16th century) — increasing reliance on paid ‘specialists’ (e. g. Genocsc crossbowmen) - increasing reliance by richer monarchs on hired mercenaries (e. g. Italian C 0nd0ttieri) — increasingly infantry. Problems: ongoing bad logistics/financing encourages hired troops to - mutiny (e.g. even Spanish in 1574) — loot and pillage — change sides for better deal - slow emergence/evolution of gunpowder weaponry has serious consequences for war: — cannon affect siege warfare/art of fortification (15'h-16th century) — hand—held infantry firearms evolve (17th century) ...
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