Chapter6_2 - 10/11/2011 CHEMISTRY 1307 Chapter VI The...

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10/11/2011 1 1 CHEMISTRY 1307 Chapter VI The Structure of Atoms 2 Wave or Quantum Mechanics Taking on the ideas of Bohr, de Broglie and Heisenberg, Schrödinger proposed that matter can be described as a wave. In this theory, the electron is treated as both a wave and a particle. An electron is described by a ___________________ that completely defines a system of matter. E. Schrodinger 1887-1961 3 Wave Functions, Ψ The mental picture of an electron corresponds to a wave superimposed upon the radial trajectory of a particle orbiting the nucleus. The position of an electron is found from the solutions to the Schrödinger Wave Equation which predict the probability in a region space where the electron is likely to be found. The orbitals are really _______________________
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10/11/2011 2 4 Types of Orbitals • The solutions to the Schrödinger equation yields the probability in 3-dimensons for the likelihood of finding and electron about the nucleus. • It is these ____________________ that give rise to the familiar hydrogen-like orbitals that electrons occupy. 5 Quantum Numbers & Electron Orbitals _________________ are terms that arise from the mathematics of the Schrödinger equation. They describe location of an electron in a particular orbital much like an address. Each electron in an orbital has its own set of _______ quantum numbers. ___________ Quantum Number n = 1, 2, 3, 4…up to infinity ______________________Quantum Number l = 0, 1, 2, 3…up to a maximum of n – 1 ___________ Quantum Number m l
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Chapter6_2 - 10/11/2011 CHEMISTRY 1307 Chapter VI The...

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