Activity 6 - Burning Economic Questions

Activity 6 - Burning Economic Questions - to voluntarily...

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Econ 2023 Activity 6 Name:____________________________ Activity 6: Burning Economic Questions 1. There has been considerable debate about whether or not the United States should have a volunteer military or one in which citizens are drafted. Using the economic knowledge you have attained so far, which type of military system do you think we should have? Please explain your answer. 2. People are often concerned about the moral and economic implications of having an open market for organs. Do you think it should be illegal for a person to be allowed
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Unformatted text preview: to voluntarily sell one of his or her kidneys on the open market to make money? Why or why not? 3. We have talked a little in class about the problems associated with black markets. Because of these problems, many economists feel that it would be better to make both drugs and prostitution legal. Please pick one of these markets, drugs or prostitution, and, using your vast understanding of economics, explain the costs and benefits of making the activity legal. Based on your analysis, do you think it should be legalized?...
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