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EC Activity - T-shirt slogans - otherwise offensive by any...

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Economic T-Shirt Slogans Each student who can turn in a hard copy of a pro-economics T-shirt slogan by the due date will receive one extra credit point or 2 points if it’s good enough to be made into a shirt. Due: Thursday, December 1st, at the beginning of class. Rules: 1. The slogan must be related to economics and/or be positively referring to economics 2. The length of the phrase or statement must be able to adequately fit on a T-shirt (if the slogan is intended to continue on the back of the shirt, then please indicate as much) 3. The slogan must be G-rated in that it does not use any crude language or be deemed
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Unformatted text preview: otherwise offensive by any reasonable individual 4. The slogan can be adapted from popular media, but it must be otherwise original (it must not already be one of my shirts, and if a student turns turn in a slogan identical to one that has already been turned in, then that student must come up with a new one). 5. Each student may only receive 1 extra credit point for this activity (or 2 if the slogan is shirt-worthy), regardless of the number of slogans they turn in. 6. I will only accept hard copies of the slogans with your name and section number on it. Please do not email them to me....
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