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To: [prof] From: [name] Subject: Task 1.2: First Proposed Mechanism for Wheelchair Lift Date: Due 26 October, 2006 (Class 17) Summary: The main objective is to design and build a model wheelchair lift using the Lego-Mindstorm kit issued to the team. The proposal includes the construction of a physical model that portrays an easier way for handicapped individuals to maneuver around Texas A&M University more easily. The project must remain simple enough to remain at a relatively low cost, and must be efficient and safe at the same time. Figure 1: 3D Orthogonal View for Wheelchair Lift Problem Description and Method: A minimum required mass of 5oz. must be lifted to a height of 3in. in 5 seconds or less, with a positive vertical velocity no greater than one inch per second at any time. The solution to this problem is to build a wheelchair lift mechanism and test it with the Lego mindstorm kit. The system includes a lift platform having a flat (vertical) rectangular support surface. The platform must be sized according
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/06/2008 for the course ENGR 111 taught by Professor Walker during the Fall '07 term at Texas A&M.

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Wheelchair_task1.2 - To: [prof] From: [name] Subject: Task...

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