Intro & Sampling Solutions(1)

Intro & Sampling Solutions(1) - Introduction &...

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Introduction & Sampling Solutions — 1 1. Subjects: This term's Statistics students. Observations: The YES/NO answers. Population: All of this term's Statistics students. Sample: The 40 students who were randomly selected ( n =40). Parameter: π = 29.8% (population proportion) Statistic: p = 15/40 = 37.5% (sample proportion) 2. Subjects: Persons living in your household. Observations: The ages of the persons living in your household. Population: All persons living in your household. Sample: You. (A sample of size one, 1 = n .) Parameter: years 4 . 16 = μ (population mean) Statistic: years x 20 = (sample mean) 3. (a) The movies. (b) Type categorical No. copies quantitative Running time — quantitative (minutes) Language categorical Rating categorical Price quantitative (dollars) 4. (a) Observational (b) Experimental 5. (a) Convenience (b) Voluntary Response 6. (a) Wording effects (b) Non-response, rate is (3200-345)/3200≈89%
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Intro & Sampling Solutions(1) - Introduction &...

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