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Business Finance Answers_Part_2 - CHAPTER 2 B-5 9. If a...

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CHAPTER 2 B-5 9. If a company raises more money from selling stock than it pays in dividends in a particular period, its cash flow to stockholders will be negative. If a company borrows more than it pays in interest, its cash flow to creditors will be negative. 10. The adjustments discussed were purely accounting changes; they had no cash flow or market value consequences unless the new accounting information caused stockholders to revalue the derivatives. 11. Enterprise value is the theoretical takeover price. In the event of a takeover, an acquirer would have to take on the company's debt, but would pocket its cash. Enterprise value differs significantly from simple market capitalization in several ways, and it may be a more accurate representation of a firm's value. In a takeover, the value of a firm's debt would need to be paid by the buyer when taking over a company. This enterprise value provides a much more accurate takeover valuation because it includes debt in its value calculation. 12. In general, it appears that investors prefer companies that have a steady earnings stream. If true, this encourages companies to manage earnings. Under GAAP, there are numerous choices for the way a company reports its financial statements. Although not the reason for the choices under GAAP, one outcome is the ability of a company to manage earnings, which is not an ethical decision. Even though earnings and cash flow are often related, earnings management should have little effect on cash flow (except for tax implications). If the market is “fooled” and prefers steady earnings, shareholder wealth can be increased, at least temporarily. However, given the questionable ethics of
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Business Finance Answers_Part_2 - CHAPTER 2 B-5 9. If a...

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