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Business Finance Answers_Part_5 - CHAPTER 3 B-17 d. For an...

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CHAPTER 3 B-17 d. For an on-line service provider such as AOL, using a per call basis for costs would allow for comparisons with smaller services. A per subscriber basis would also make sense. e. For a hospital such as Holy Cross, revenues and costs expressed on a per bed basis would be useful. f. For a college textbook publisher such as McGraw-Hill/Irwin, the leading publisher of finance textbooks for the college market, the obvious standardization would be per book sold. 11. Reporting the sale of Treasury securities as cash flow from operations is an accounting “trick”, and as such, should constitute a possible red flag about the companies accounting practices. For most companies, the gain from a sale of securities should be placed in the financing section. Including the sale of securities in the cash flow from operations would be acceptable for a financial company, such as an investment or commercial bank. 12. Increasing the payables period increases the cash flow from operations. This could be beneficial for the company as it may be a cheap form of financing, but it is basically a one time change. The payables period cannot be increased indefinitely as it will negatively affect the company’s credit rating if the payables period becomes too long. Solutions to Questions and Problems NOTE: All end of chapter problems were solved using a spreadsheet. Many problems require multiple steps. Due to space and readability constraints, when these intermediate steps are included in this solutions manual, rounding may appear to have occurred. However, the final answer for each problem is found without rounding during any step in the problem. Basic
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Business Finance Answers_Part_5 - CHAPTER 3 B-17 d. For an...

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