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CHAPTER 10 B-181 The book value at the end of year five is thus: BV 5 = $548,000 – 342,500 BV 5 = $205,500 The asset is sold at a loss to book value, so the depreciation tax shield of the loss is recaptured. Aftertax salvage value = $105,000 + ($205,500 – 105,000)(0.35) Aftertax salvage value = $140,175 To find the taxes on salvage value, remember to use the equation: Taxes on salvage value = (BV – MV)t c This equation will always give the correct sign for a tax inflow (refund) or outflow (payment). 8. To find the BV at the end of four years, we need to find the accumulated depreciation for the first four years. We could calculate a table as in Problem 6, but an easier way is to add the MACRS depreciation amounts for each of the first four years and multiply this percentage times the cost of the asset. We can then subtract this from the asset cost. Doing so, we get: BV 4 = $7,900,000 – 7,900,000(0.2000 + 0.3200 + 0.1920 + 0.1152) BV 4 = $1,365,120 The asset is sold at a gain to book value, so this gain is taxable. Aftertax salvage value = $1,400,000 + ($1,365,120 – 1,400,000)(.35) Aftertax salvage value = $1,387,792 9. Using the tax shield approach to calculating OCF (Remember the approach is irrelevant; the final answer will be the same no matter which of the four methods you use.), we get: OCF = (Sales – Costs)(1 – t C ) + t C Depreciation OCF = ($2,650,000 – 840,000)(1 – 0.35) + 0.35($3,900,000/3) OCF = $1,631,500 10. Since we have the OCF, we can find the NPV as the initial cash outlay plus the PV of the OCFs, which are an annuity, so the NPV is: NPV = –$3,900,000 + $1,631,500(PVIFA 12%,3 ) NPV = $18,587.71
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B-182 SOLUTIONS 11. The cash outflow at the beginning of the project will increase because of the spending on NWC. At the
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Business Finance Answers_Part_46 - CHAPTER 10 B-181 The...

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