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TTE4201 HW_2_Fall11 - 9. Assuming a linear speeddensity...

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Course: TTE 4201—Traffic Engineering Task: Homework #2 Due Date: Thursday, September 15, 2011 1. Problem 5‐3 2. Problem 5‐4 3. Problem 5‐6 4. Problem 5‐10 5. Problem 6‐1 6. Problem 6‐2 7. Problem 6‐3 8. Two sets of students are collecting traffic data at two sections, xx and yy, of a highway 1,500 ft apart. Observations at xx show that five vehicles passed that section at intervals of 3, 4, 3, and 5 seconds, respectively. If the speeds of the vehicles measured by a radar speed gun at point XX are 50 mph, 45 mph, 40 mph, 35 mph, and 30 mph respectively , draw a schematic diagram showing the locations of the vehicles 20 seconds after the first vehicle passed XX and find: (a) The average time mean speed in miles per hour (mph). (b) The average space mean speed in miles per hour (mph). (c) The volume of traffic in vehicles per hour (vph).
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Assuming a linear speeddensity relationship, the mean free speed is observed to be 55 mph near zero density, and the corresponding jam density is 130 veh/mi. Assume that the average length of vehicles is 19 ft. (a) Write down the speeddensity and flowdensity equations (b) Draw the u k, u q, and q k diagrams indicating critical values (c) Compute speed and density corresponding to a flow of 90 veh/hr (d) Compute the average headways, spacings, clearances, and gaps when the flow is maximum. 10. On a specific westbound section of highway, studies show that the speeddensity relationship is The highways capacity is 3800 veh/hr and the jam density is 140 veh/mi. (a) What is the spacemean speed of the traffic at capacity? (b) What is the freeflow speed?...
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TTE4201 HW_2_Fall11 - 9. Assuming a linear speeddensity...

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