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Unformatted text preview: CEG 3011 HOMEWORK 4 Spring 2010 Problem 1 There is an earth dam to be constructed with a total volume of 600000 Cu yds. The fill material must have the following characteristics: in the fill the total unit weight will be 135 lbs/cuft. At the borrow pit, the soil has the following: e=0.57 , Gs = 2.70, w = 18% . Calculate the volume of soil taken from the borrow pit. Problem 2 Read Chapter 17 in the book. Describe the SPT and the CPT. Consider the advantages and the disadvantages of both tests. Problem 3 Describe methods used to obtain undisturbed and disturbed samples. What testing is typically done on each type of samples. Problem 4 Problem 6 Determine the area ratio of a Shelby tube sampler that has outside and inside diameters of 3.5 in O.D. and 3.375 in I.D. Problem 5 A loose uncompacted sand fill is 2 meters in depth and has a relative density of 40%, Laboratory tests show that the minimum void ratio of the sand is 0.46 and the maximum is 0.90, The specific gravity of the solids of the sand is 2.65. a. What is the dry unit weight of the sand b. if the sand is compacted to a relative density of 75%, how much the thickness of 2 meters will decrease? Problem 6 There is a fill that has a volume of 165000 cuyds, calculate the amount of soil which needs to be taken from the borrow pit if the conditions are: Soil in the fill Dry unit weight 112 lbs/ cubic ft.; w =12% Soil in the pit total unit weight = 125 lbs/cubic feet; w= 8% Also calculate the amount of water needed to fulfill the specification. ...
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