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EES 3040: Introduction to Environmental Engineering Homework 3 Risk Assessment Due Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 1:15pm Reading Assignment: D&M1 Chapter 5, pp. 170-186 D&M2 Chapter 6, pp. 222-238 Problems: (30 points maximum) ** When not given in the problem, use the recommended values from Table 6-8 (found in D&M2 and also attached) ** 1. a.) (4 pts.) D&M1 Ch 5, Problem 5-1 or D&M2 Ch 6, Problem 6-1. Assume an adult male. b.) (3 pts.) D&M1 Ch 5, Problem 5-7 or D&M2 Ch 6, Problem 6-8 2. (8.5 pts.) D&M1 Ch 5, Problem 5-6 or D&M2 Ch 6, Problem 6-7. Additional Information : Simplify this problem by omitting the exposure pathways of ingestion while swimming and inhalation while bathing. Also assume that the exposure time and averaging time are equal. Hint: With this simplification, there still are 3 exposure pathways 3. (6.5 pts.) D&M1 Ch 5, Problem 5-8 or D&M2 Ch 6, Problem 6-9.
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Unformatted text preview: Note that hexavalent chromium is Chromium (VI). 4. (5 pts.) An adult male drinks water containing 0.45 mg/L of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene, 0.04 mg/L of tetrachloroethylene, and 0.1 mg/L of 1,1-dichoroethylene. Calculate the non-carcinogenic “risk” for this scenario using the EPA exposure factors in Table 6-8. What does this value tell you? 5. (3 pts.) D&M1 Ch 5, Discussion Question 5-4 (pg. 188) or D&M2 Ch 6, Discussion Question 6-4 (pg. 241). For each of the four statements, identify whether it is true or false, and explain why each statement is true or false. Note: the answers in the text are provided for you to check your work. You must show all steps to receive full credit for the problem. Please include your honor code pledge and list the names of others with whom you worked (if applicable)....
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