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EES 3040: Introduction to Environmental Engineering Homework 4 Hydrology and Ground Water Due Thursday, 9.23 at 1:15 pm Reading Assignment: Class notes. D&M1 Chapter 6 (all). D&M2 Chapter 7, pp. 246-273 Problems (30 points maximum) : 1. (6 pts.) D&M1 Chapter 6, Problem 6-1 or D&M2 Chapter 7, Problem 7-1 Hint : think of all the given information in terms of mass balance and not just the hydrologic equation (identify all the inputs, outputs, and storage) and make sure you are working with consistent units. See text Example 6-1/7-1 2. (6 pts.) A suburban region in Tallahassee, FL, has been permitted to develop a community center. The planned center composition is described in Table 1. Assume that the overland flow distance to the nearest stormwater drain that leads to a detention pond is 240 m. Table 1. Composition of Shopping Center for Problem 2. Type of surface Area (m 2 ) Roadways and parking lots (asphalt) and sidewalks (concrete) 45,000 Natural grassy land 33,000 Lawns, heavy soil with 3.5% slope
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