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EES 3040: Introduction to Environmental Engineering Homework 5 Groundwater Contaminant Movement and Well Hydraulics; Water Pollutants and BOD Due Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 1:15 pm Reading Assignment: D&M1 Ch 6 (208-217), Ch 8 (312-316), Ch 13 (564-568). Ch 8 (271-282) D&M2 Ch 7 (264-283), Ch 9 (389-393), Ch 14 (667-671). Ch 9 (332-356) Problems (30 points maximum) : 1. (4.5 pts.) D&M1 Ch 8 Problem 8-32 or D&M2 Ch 9 Problem 9-38 2. (6 pts.) A well with a 0.30 m diameter has been pumping at a rate of 650 m 3 /day for a long time such that steady-state conditions have been reached. The drawdown at the pumping well is 1.0 m. The aquifer is unconfined and is 13.0 m thick under non-pumping conditions. An observation well 15 m away has a drawdown of 0.40 m. A drawing may be helpful in completing this problem. a.) Determine the hydraulic conductivity of this aquifer. (Answer: K = 64.5 m/d ) b.) What type of aquifer material do you expect comprises this aquifer? c.) Calculate the drawdown at an observation well 5.0 m away from the pumping well.
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