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EES 3040: Introduction to Environmental Engineering Homework 8 Wastewater Treatment Due Thursday, Oct 28, 2010 at 1:15 pm Reading Assignment: D&M1 Chapter 10, pp. 372-386, 390-400, 409-428 or D&M2 Chapter 11, pp. EPA’s “How Wastewater Treatment Works … The Basics,” Document 833-F-98-002, 1998 ( http://www.epa.gov/npdes/pubs/bastre.pdf ) Wikipedia on wastewater treatment ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sewage_treatment ) Problems: (30 points maximum) Please type your answers for Problems 1-4. 1. (3 pts.) Sketch and label the flow diagram of a wastewater treatment facility that includes pretreatment, primary and secondary treatment with activated sludge. Briefly describe each process (1-2 sentences for each). 2. (4 pts.) D&M1 Chapter 10 Review 3 (pg. 428) or D&M2 Chapter 11 Review 2 (pg. 516). 3. (3 pts.) Describe the following processes used in the pretreatment stage of wastewater treatment. Describe what do these processes do/remove and what happens. a) Bar rack/bar screen; b) Communitor; c) Grit chamber; and d) Flow equalization.
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