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Course: TTE 4804/5805—Highway Geometric Design Homework No.: Three Due Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 1. A highway transportation agency is conducting a traffic count on an existing highway for the purpose of determine the directional design volume. An automatic traffic counter using a weigh-in-motion (WIM) equipment gave a total continuous one-year count of 4,372,096 axles. Manual classification studies at the count station indicated the following: Passenger cars = 69% 3-axle trucks = 21% 4-axle trucks = 6% 5-axle trucks = 4% (a) Calculate the existing average annual daily traffic (AADT) in vehicles per day. Suppose that traffic on this roadway is expected to grow at annual rate of 1.8 percent for the next 10 years and that the city planners are planning to widen this suburban roadway in 10 years to accommodate this growth in traffic. (b) What would be the forecasted AADT assuming vehicle classification proportions remain the same? (c) What level of service (LOS) would you choose for design? (d) What K and D factors would you choose for this roadway? (e) What should be the directional design hourly volume (DDHV)? 2. Analysis of crashes on a section of a 3.5% downgrade highway curve revealed that drivers take an average of 3.1 seconds to react to the complexity of the situation on this highway section. One particular driver argued that he was traveling at 55 mph, which happens to be the design speed of the curve, when he saw a vehicle stopped on the roadway 500 feet away. (a)
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TTE4804_HW_3_Spring11 - Course: Homework No.: Due Date: TTE...

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