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TTE4804 Test_3_Spring11 - Course Date Task TTE...

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Page 1 of 4 Course: TTE 4804/5805—Highway Geometric Design Date : Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Task: 3 rd Hourly Test Instructions This is a 75-minutes closed-book, closed-notes examination. Please present your work neatly and legibly. PROBLEM #1 (40%) The figure below shows the plan and profile of a two-lane highway with a posted speed limit of 45 MPH. The PC and BVC are both at Station 15600 + 91 and elevation 2,345.97 feet measured along the roadway centerline. The EVC is stationed half way between PC and PT which are 1,000 feet apart. A tangent-to-curve superelevation transition was used on this roadway in which 67% of runoff length is on the tangent. The normal crown is 0.02 ft/ft and the design superelevation rate of 0.08 ft/ft is achieved through rotation about the center. A tall building is located on the inside of the horizontal curve a distance of 25 feet from the edge of the shoulder. The shoulder width is uniformly 4 feet and the lanes are 12 feet wide. It is noteworthy that currently passing is allowed in both directions. A head-on collision involving an eastbound truck resulted in lawsuit alleging that the roadway geometrics were incompatible with the posted speed limit. The eastbound truck collided head-on with a truck traveling westbound when it was attempting a passing maneuver.
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This note was uploaded on 10/29/2011 for the course TTE 4804 taught by Professor Moses during the Spring '11 term at FSU.

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TTE4804 Test_3_Spring11 - Course Date Task TTE...

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