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ORIE3510 Introduction to Engineering Stochastic Processes Spring 2010 Exam Preparedness Make sure that you have all ’memorizable’ facts memorized. That is, all the facts about stationary/limiting distributions, properties of exponential distribution, Poisson processes, CTMCs and so forth. There are a lot of these facts, but knowing them can help you quite a bit in the test. Just start at the beginning, and make a list. Pinpoint the most common computational tools/tricks that we’ve used throughout the course to solve problems. For example, we rarely know much about unconditional probabilities so we will start with conditioning on something and then proceed with our calculations working with conditional probabilities (remember the law of total probability). Another example might be how you can manipulate the state space of Markov chains to calculate absorption probabilities or expected number of visits to certain states. In the continuous case, be aware of all the handy properties of the Exponential distribution, as these can speed up your calculations
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  • Spring '09
  • Probability theory, Exponential distribution, pj, DTMC, Engineering Stochastic Processes, common computational tools/tricks

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