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Team 2 Contract A, Code of Conduct As a project team, we will: l. Work proactively, anticipating potential problems and working to prevent them 2. Keep other team members informed of information related to the project 3. Focus on what is best for the whole project team 4. See the team project through to completion B. Participation We will: 1. Be honest and open during all project activities 2. Encourage diversity in team work 3. Provide the opportunity for equal participation 4. Be open to new approaches and consider new ideas 5. Have one discussion at a time 6. Let the project manager know well in advance if a team member has to miss a meeting or may have trouble meeting a deadline for a given task C. Communication We will: 1. Decide as a team on the best way to communicate various information
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Focus on solving problems, not blaming people 3. Present ideas clearly and concisely 4. Keep discussions on track 5. Have one discussion at a time D. Problem Solving We will: 1. Encourage everyone to participate in solving problems 2. Only use constructive criticism 3. Strive to build on each other's ideas E. Meeting Guidelines We will: 1. Plan to meet ten minutes before every class period in our classroom 2. Rotate who will record meeting minutes and send them out via e-mail within 24 hours of all project meetings 3. Develop an agenda before all meetings with our project sponsor 4. Document major issues and decisions related to the project and send them out via e-mail to all team members and the project sponsor 1-1-ll Y$u...
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