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Team Performance Contract

Team Performance Contract - "firing" a teom...

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7 Form F.3 Team l{ame: Team fllembers: Tedm Perlormonce Contract llo^). Date T\:ll 1/qltr 1. Exploin your tosk purpose (what your teom wonh to research ond write obout): 't*f t. rr*u${cl rtsr-r.L. y\", !"xs "S l.l^\s.-{ U.Sq-J. I. Sh^nu*n\.*\o* | 2. Describe the behovior thot is "*peited of teqm members (exomples: class otten- dcnce, attendnnce of meetings, prepcrotion for meetings, completion of ussigned tosks, erc.)I N\. \^: Y\t\.!rry cig rxlt.\J \ *\\^I *\\ ,*tti\,.,, c,,^{ c\c".SXS. ' 3. Descrlbe the gnnrnds for
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Unformatted text preview: "firing" a teom member (behavior thot would be so unsc-ceptable that the teom could not continue the inclusion of o member): It =,. \t * *n,^k" nLr.s \., L fu" sLon o$ tt\" \".*rk r $+^ \u1 .^\ \"" hoL 4. Describe your team gooL O.,. .c ao.\ \; U cc^\T\h- q\ q{c t{.r oy\ u.}"Lt*. Instructor Signature: lfunForms o 20U Cengag€ teeming- Alt Righb Rmmd. !4ay not be scanned. repiad or &rplicabd, o, pojhd to a pult:dy eccessible rcbsile. in wlrcle or in parL t7...
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