Ch 1_Application 9_p 39_Technologys Impact on Communication

Ch 1_Application 9_p 39_Technologys Impact on Communication...

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Application 9, p. 39 Technology’s Impact on Communication In teams, read and discuss an article from a current magazine or journal about how technology is impacting communication. Send your instructor a brief email message discussing the major theme of the article. Include a complete bibliographic entry so the instructor can locate the article (refer to Appendix B for examples of formatted references).
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Unformatted text preview: This article discusses a new social network named, Jig. This network works as a medium between people with specific needs and people with the knowledge and power to supply the information to meet these needs. Simonite, Tom. (2011, August 31). Social networking meets problem solving. Technology Review . Retrieved from 2/? p1=A4&a=f...
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