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Managing Data and Using Graphics

Managing Data and Using Graphics - Drawing a Line Chart A...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Vershun McClain BPD 325-63 26 October 2011 Selecting and Drawing a Bar Chart This represents which forms of technology interest certain age groups the most. The chart breaks down interests in identity security, wireless networking, digital photography, and online investing into respective age groups. Adding Creative Enhancements Graphics should attract viewers, but not distract them from important information. The information used with the graphics should be clear and concise. Graphics should not be overly complicated, because this takes away from the overall presentation. Make sure the graphics compliment the information. Do not create irrelevant graphics that have nothing to do with the presentation. Preparing a Table Scottsdale Fitness Membership Fees # of Memberships Revenue Single 25 1,439 35,975 Double 40 642 25,680 Family 50 543 27,150 Corporate 22.5 3,465 77,962.50 Senior 20 786 15,720 Total Revenue 182,487.50 Drawing a Bar Chart I would like to present a chart showing the different sources of fraud detection.
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Unformatted text preview: Drawing a Line Chart A chart comparing the bank’s actual numbers and estimated numbers. This chart shows a comparison between our actual customers and estimated customers. Evaluating Graphics in Annual Reports This is an annual report for Apple Inc. Their use of graphs is simplistic and very easy to understand. The graph was made to show a five year cumulative return on profits. This is a very good graph. However, the color is bland and does not catch the viewer’s attention. Maximizing Movie Theater Ticket Sales Theatres should always choose the combination of movies that will guarantee selling out seats if there will be a limited number. All G-rated and PG-rated films should be shown during the 7:00pm show. PG-13 films can be shown at either the 7:00pm or 9:00pm show. Rated R films should be shown either at 9:00pm or midnite....
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