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Darryl Williams Vershun McClain BPD 325-63 3 October 2011 Useful Subject Lines a. Business Case Competition b. Contribute Money-saving Ideas c. Plant Closure Announcement d. Employee Bonuses Declined e. Career Fair Follow-up f. Workplace Bullying Newsletter Document for Analysis: Email Message To: Haley Land Subject: Customer Service Improves Cc: Jason Carson, Anna Bryant, Ellen Son Haley, As you know, we hire an independent customer quality assurance firm to listen to the phone
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Unformatted text preview: recordings of our customer service representatives. Over the past year the firm has reported that the quality and efficiency of our representatives has failed to improve. However, last month the firm finally reported that our sales representatives achieved our established goals. We commend you on this achievement. Thank you for ensuring that “The Customer is King” is not just an empty advertising slogan. Thanks, Sarah...
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