Test 1(Ch 1,2,12,13)

Test 1(Ch 1,2,12,13) - Question 1 1 Which of the following...

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Question 1 1. Which of the following statements is true concerning video interviews? Answer a. They are especially useful for conducting a final interview after all applicants have been screened. b. A person who interviews well in person will do even better on video because of much of the pressure is removed. c. Companies save time and money by using video interviewing. d. Preparing for a video interview is the same as preparing for a traditional one, except that the applicant only needs to look profesional from the waist up. 2 points Question 2 1. Chantell is the manager of the claims department for a large insurance company. She has a one-hour meeting with her staff to explain the new claim form which the company will use next month. This is an example of which type of organizational communication? Answer a. upward b. downward c. horizontal d. grapevine 2 points Question 3 1. While e-portfolios and employment videos are helpful in communicating a person's qualifications and abilities, their use may also Answer a. enable the potential employer not to stereotype. c. encourage the potential employer to focus on your physical characteristics. b. eliminate potential illeagl discrimination. d. result in all of the above. 2 points Question 4 1. Supervisor Janet tells Juan, "Don't be late for work." Janet's probable metacommunication is Answer a. "I'm in charge here." b. "You are frequently late for work and this is a warning c. "This is America, not Mexico." d. "I know you are doing your best to be on time."
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2 points Question 5 1. When a team conducts the interview process Answer a. no more than five people are typically on the interview team. d. the team should include people from different levels within the organization. c. resumes are screened after the initial interviews to maintain objectivity. b. the team should include several people, all from the HR department. 2 points Question 6 1. You are organizing your resume for a highly competitive summer internship with an accounting firm. You believe your education is your strongest qualification because your work experience has been seasonal jobs at minimum wage. you also believe that your abilities, interests, and character are qualities that closely parallel the job description supplied by the business. What type of resume would be LEAST preferred for conveying your strengths? Answer b. functional d. all are equally preferred a. chronological c. chrono-functional 2 points Question 7 1. Evan ins preparing a vesume for posting on YouTube. Which of the following should he avoid in preparing his video? Answer b. Avoid light behind him that casts shadows. c. Turn up the camera microphone for high quality sound. a. Keep the image steady by using a camera tripod.
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Test 1(Ch 1,2,12,13) - Question 1 1 Which of the following...

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