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Career Planning Guide

Career Planning Guide - Career Planning Guide The following...

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Career Planning Guide The following planning templates will guide you in collecting, compiling, and analyzing information needed to assess your marketability. Assessment of Qualifications Complete the following assessment to identify your key qualifications as they relate to a job of your choice. Self-Assessment • What kind of person am I? Am I dependable, energetic, a good time manager, a leader, and so on? Others see me as a creative thinker who sees many ways of getting things done and logically analyzes how different choices might turn out. My disposition is curious, wanting to know what else besides the routine approach might work, and I am very flexible, always willing to try something new. Usually, I dislike regular routine and find myself constantly pulled to new adventures before I have finished my old ones. As told by others, I have an almost supernatural ability to accurately analyze people and events; I am a visionary leader. Additionally, I can be a very persuasive speaker, able to communicate a vision more easily than others. • What are my aptitudes? How are my quantitative, verbal, mechanical, or problem- solving skills? My aptitudes are strong in the areas of logical thinking, problem-solving, imagination and creativity. After taking two speech courses, both my verbal and non-verbal communication skills have drastically increased. • What are my achievements? Have I excelled in grades, extracurricular activities, work, and so forth? My greatest achievement to date, would be the full academic scholarship I received from Jackson State University. My current GPA is a 3.7 and I have mostly been a straight A student. My extracurricular activities include Students in Free Enterprise, Missouri Club, OutSpoken Spoken Word Group, and Taekwondo Club, Grammy University Recording Academy, INROADS, and the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.
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• What are my interests? What kinds of courses, activities, reading, and leisure do I enjoy? My passion is in business, music and the entertainment industry. Collectively, I have taken courses in management, accounting, marketing, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, business law, music, and Chinese. In my leisure, I enjoy reading books about how people think and communicate. Additionally, I like to write, record, and produce pieces of music. • What is my education preparation? What is my major, minor, special training, or skills? At the moment, I am a junior at Jackson State University. My major is in business
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Career Planning Guide - Career Planning Guide The following...

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